Before receiving goods and making payment, you have the right to inspect the product. Does not support trial goods. 
Please open the package to check to ensure the order is delivered with the correct model and quantity as ordered. Do not try or test the product. 
After agreeing with the delivered item, you pay the delivery staff (in case the order is shipped COD) and receive the goods. 
In case you are not satisfied with the product, you can refuse to receive the goods. Here, we will collect an additional return fee, equivalent to the shipping fee of the order you placed. 
- When you check your order, the delivery staff must wait for you to check the goods inside the package. In case the staff refuses to let you inspect the goods, please contact Vinh Phuoc Coop via hotline: 0258.3844.282 for assistance. 
- Vinh Phuoc Coop will not be responsible for the quantity, design or errors of the product, after the order has been successfully delivered. 
- Please avoid using sharp objects to open the package to avoid causing damage to the product inside. In cases where the product is damaged due to customer error, Vinh Phuoc Coop unfortunately cannot support you in exchanging/returning/warranty the product.

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